The Reticent Witch

This is the second book in the series ‘When Darkness Calls’ it is the story of Cathy a character from book 1 in the series ‘Sold Out/Soul Doubt.

The story charts her life from birth until her late thirties.

Cathy struggles with the powers she has. knowing she is the product of a long-term breeding programme of over 500 years.

A consent voice she refers to as the Darkness continually coerces her to use her immense powers to strike down those who would try and hurt her.

Our Magical Past

I do not for a minute profess to be an expert on this subject. I do have a healthy interest in it though. The work of John Dee particularly is vast and complex requiring extensive knowledge of mathematics, but the manner in which he obtained the information for me is equally as interesting. It seemsContinue reading “Our Magical Past”

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