What is Popular at the moment?

It seems that there is a good appetite at the moment for all things supernatural and Witchy. The American TV series Supernatural is the longest running live action series in the history of American TV with 15 seasons. The new Series, The Witcher on NETFLIX already has a huge following and Sabrina the teenage witch is also making a comeback.

Lucifer has also been a popular series which started on Amazon and is now on NETFLIX. The BBC and NETFLIX collaborated on the 3 part drama Dracula (I felt that it was a wasted opportunity, but many loved it).

My second book in the series ‘When Darkness Calls’ tells the story of Cathy. A powerful modern day witch created over 500 years as a hybrid. Cathy is trying to resist the call of the Darkness and is determined to use her powers for good.

Using a Black Mirror Cathy contacts the angel Madimi, the same angel contacted by John Dee and Edward Kelly in their own well documented scrying sessions.

The book covers Cathy’s life from cradle to the point that her story is picked up in Sold Out/Soul Doubt. the first book in the series. Cathy’s story can and perhaps should be read first though.

Cathy’s story leaves an 8 year gap with the intention of writing a mini series that documents a period in her life that she refers to as her ‘Years of Forlorn Absolution’

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