A Wicked Practical Joke

I recently posted this story on the Facebook page of Real Life Ghost Stories (RLGS) and it seemed to go down very well indeed; so I thought I would share it as part of my blog on all things supernatural.

It would have been around 20052006 I was still living in the haunted house in Sudbury where an entity had seemingly tried to suffocate me while I slept (see previous blog posts).

We had a friend staying over and he was not wholly comfortable with the house and was aware of its history and many of the strange occurrences. It is fair to say he was more than a little creeped out by the house.

As my wife and I share a similar sick/warped sense of humour we decided to play a bit of a joke on our friend.

In essence I recorded the message (David get out) Daaaaaaaavid Geeeeeeeeet Ouuuuuuuut in my most guttural and demonic voice (it was very good I have to say) and saved it as a ringtone on my phone which I then placed underneath the guest bed.

Our bedroom was next door so we could hear through the wall. Once our friend had settled and had hopefully drifted into a light sleep we rang the phone.

The result was better than we could have hoped and our friend jumped out of bed and started packing ready to depart with some degree of urgency; absolutely convinced that a demon had ordered him to leave the house.

To say that he was traumatised is proably an understatement.

We were in pieces on the other side of the wall, crying with laughter.

Fortunately he did eventually see the funny side and we are still extremely good friends and laugh about it on a fairly regular basis.

I may blog about some of my other practical jokes that I have masterminded over the years. this one is certainly in the top three.

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