Which to Read First?? or should that be, Read the Witch First??

Okay, so logic would suggest you read book one of the series first.

Sold Out/Soul Doubt is a story about Steve Canning and the decisions he is forced to make in an attempt to protect his daughter Faith.

The story crosses many genres and has elements of a love story, thriller, and mystery with more than just a touch of paranormal content.

The story introduces a reasonably minor character ‘Cathy’ It was clear though that Cathy’s back-story deserved to be told and several readers expressed their interest in Cathy’s life prior to her role in Sold Out/Soul Doubt.

Cathy’s story ‘The Reticent Witch’ is an entirely different book to Sold Out/Soul Doubt and is told in ‘first person.’

The book genre is probably best described as urban fantasy; some may argue it has more than a foot in the camp of horror too.

Cathy’s story charts her struggles to come to terms with her immense powers and to use them for good. [Described by one reader as “Sabrina on steroids“]

Cathy has a penchant for punishing those who seek to harm or betray her.

Cathy is also plagued by a voice in her head she calls The Darkness.

The combination of the two leads to a series of events which have Cathy questioning her own sanity.

Cathy is a complex character; she battles to control her powers, through her troubled childhood and beyond; she must also learn to control her temper at the same time resisting her tormentor.

Fundamentally all Cathy wants is to love and be loved; to live a quiet life and to use her powers to help others.

Is this achievable, or will she succumb to the dark voice that plagues her?

Cathy’s story ‘The Reticent Witch,’ concludes at the point her story climaxes in Sold Out/Soul Doubt.

Had I included this is the ‘Reticent Witch,’ I would have introduced a spoiler for Sold Out/Soul Doubt.

Instead, I opted not to include it; this was not done in order to drive sales of Sold Out/Soul Doubt as has been suggested.

Personally then I would suggest reading Cathy’s Story prior to reading Sold Out/Soul Doubt. You then have the choice as to whether to see what ultimately happens to Cathy or to create your own conclusion to her story.

What a dilemma.

Either way, I genuinely hope that you enjoy reading my work and my contact details can be found in the books for anyone who wishes to provide comment, feedback or ideas for future stories.

As I intend to write a mini-series about Cathy’s exploits during what she calls her ‘years of forlorn absolution.’

Also hopefully by the end of May 2020, the actual sequel to Sold Out/Soul Doubt will be released. The book will be titled Sold Out Too.

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