Sold Out/Soul Doubt

Sold Out Soul Doubt by J E Martin Horror and dark fiction author

Sold Out Soul Doubt is a story that I have had in mind for some twenty years or so. I finally made a proper start on it in 2018. What a journey it was, as well as a very steep learning curve.

The story is absolutely a cross-genre affair, the main theme is that of romantic thriller, with one foot in the camp of dark fiction and one particular chapter that may well be construed as horror, there is also an undertow of supernatural intervention.

The book opens the door on the true nature of evil and its origins, this is continued in the sequel Sold Out Too.

We all have free will and we all have a moral compass, based on our morals and beliefs we hopefully use our free will to do the right thing, how much leverage or inducement would need to be applied or offered before you sold out on your own principals and beliefs?  

Sold Out follows the life of Steve Canning after the death of his wife Zoe in a hit and run incident.

Steve tries hard to hold it together as he struggles with his loss, while continuing to parent his young daughter Faith.

Two years on, and the arrival of a new neighbour ignites feelings that Steve had thought died with his wife. Steve finally starts to see an easing of his grief, as his new relationship begins to blossom, but all is not as it seems.

Then a chance meeting in his local coffee shop, starts a chain of events in which he becomes ensnared.

As the story unfolds Steve finds himself facing the most horrendous of choices when he presented with a heart wrenching and almost perfect moral dilemma.

Steve tries to find a way out or around his situation, what will he choose to do? Is there a right thing to do? Is it more a case of which choice is the most palatable?

Can there be a happy ending for any of those embroiled in this dire situation?

A story of love, loss, deceit, bad decisions, and impossible choices.

This book is a rollercoaster of twists and turns, emotionally charged and with a fast pace, which will hopefully keep you turning the pages and asking yourself; What would I do?

The story leaves some subtle clues and lays some crumbs as to the nature of the hard-hitting sequel Sold Out Too, which is an uncompromising story of revenge against the backdrop of an uncomfortable subject, which astute readers should pick up on in Sold Out Soul Doubt.

Sold Out Too takes elements from both Sold Out Soul Doubt and the spin-off, The Reticent Witch. Both books start to move more to dark fiction and horror while maintaining the premise of Sold Out and further exploring the true source and nature of evil.

It has been interesting for me to speak to readers and find out which characters they loved or hated, and it seems that the journey is different for everyone as they try and work out whether a character is inherently good, but misguided or whether they are not the person they would like to believe that they are.

Who will you love, loath or hate? Who will you sympathise with and who will you feel gets exactly what they deserve? More interestingly who will you find yourself aligning with? You might be surprised!

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