Sold Out Too

Sold Out Too

Sold Out Too is the direct sequel to Sold Out/Soul Doubt but does mix it up with aspects of The Reticent Witch.

The story could have gone in so many directions; it was a tough call. The core theme though was always there, a somewhat uncomfortable subject.

Sold Out/Soul Doubt left a trail of crumbs that might have left the more astute reader thinking that perhaps something wasn’t quite right, that perhaps someone close was actually quite a sinister character.

Sold Out Too expands on the topic of evil and its exact origin, perhaps giving a viable alternative to the more common perceptions.

Picking up from the last chapter of Sold Out/Soul Doubt, the story charts the continued tribulations faced by Steve Canning as he hears the most devastating news imaginable, news which compounds the events which had lead him to attempt suicide.

As heartbreak turns to anger and anger to thoughts of vengeance Steve’s new journey commences.

Steve’s thirst for vengeance is all-consuming, but he is part of a much bigger plan, in which his participation is required, yet he must willingly enter into it, freely and without coercion.

There are hidden and perhaps not so hidden agendas as the people involved vie for position. Steve knows from a previous conversation that there is a bigger game at play, but he can’t quite place it.

Deceit seems to be the order of the day, and ironically Steve finds that the person he trusts the most, is, in fact, the person he ought to trust the least.

After receiving a mysterious text message, Steve suddenly finds himself a suspect in the murder of his siter-in-law and questioned about the stabbing of his girlfriend, and even the events that lead to his daughters unexplained head trauma from which she died. Steve’s desire for revenge and to clear his name are further heightened.

Steve has vowed that his revenge will be of biblical proportion, but there is always a catch, will he be willing to do what is needed, and to accept his fate as a consequence?

As the story reaches its climax, there are unexpected twists as the deceivers, and the deceived are exposed. Startling revelations further add to the malaise.

Just who will walk away and what will be the consequences?

At the end of the day will Steve get what he deserves, or does he deserve what he gets?

Will he find the peace and absolution he so desires, will he finally sate his thirst for vengeance, and will it be all that he had hoped it would be?

Love, lust, deceit, lies, mistrust, manipulation, cold blooded murder, vengeance and absolution, all just a typical day in the life of Steve Canning.

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