The Collateral Damage

Cancer, breast Cancer chemotherapy

I have decided to offer Cancer (The Collateral Damage) for free, once contractually able to do so in September.

The book is a personal account of the nightmare of seeing a loved one; my wife, diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Having to then watch, feeling effectively helpless as they undergo surgery and chemotherapy.

Nothing could have prepared me or the mental anguish this would cause. My mental state was under immense duress and I came very close to having a total mental breakdown.

Cancer (the book) examines the techniques used for both surgery and chemotherapy. It highlights some aspects that were not made clear to us at the outset of the diagnosis.

The book documents my wife’s own experiences of treatment and early recovery as well as as the potential pitfalls for the sufferer and their loved ones.

The book is short and to the point. It is certainly a raw and open account. Writing the book in this way felt to be the right thing to do. The impact for me cannot be overstated and it would be wrong for me to say otherwise. I was taken to the darkest corners of my mind, and believe me they are dark.

For all those who register their email below, once I am legally able to do so. I will email a password to allow access to the book from this site.

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