Our Magical Past

I do not for a minute profess to be an expert on this subject. I do have a healthy interest in it though. The work of John Dee particularly is vast and complex requiring extensive knowledge of mathematics, but the manner in which he obtained the information for me is equally as interesting. It seemsContinue reading “Our Magical Past”

More Ghosts and Spirits

In 1986 I started work with a local Community Programme. I was given the role of teamleader and put in charge of half a dozen younger lads, the premise of the scheme was that the Community Programme would provide the labour for free if the approved project bought the materials, this allowed youngsters to beContinue reading “More Ghosts and Spirits”

The Reticent Witch

Cathy is a powerful modern-day witch. Her bloodline has been deliberately manipulated over hundreds of years by dark forces. Cathy is tormented constantly by a voice in her head. Her only wish is to love and to use her powers for good. Unfortunately, Cathy has a propensity for immediate retaliation when she is threatened orContinue reading “The Reticent Witch”

What is Popular at the moment?

It seems that there is a good appetite at the moment for all things supernatural and Witchy. The American TV series Supernatural is the longest running live action series in the history of American TV with 15 seasons. The new Series The Witcher on NETFLIX already has a huge following and Sabrina the teenage witchContinue reading “What is Popular at the moment?”


Many years past before I had any further dealings with the spiritual world. It was around 1998 I was working as a lecturer for a local training provider and bumped into  someone who I had known from a previous role. The man in question was a big burly Yorkshireman of around 6’2” and 17 stone.Continue reading “Dowsing”