Good v Evil

What do you believe is the root of evil? What influences people to do evil? As a horror fiction author, it intrigues me. Its the age old battle of good v evil.

We have free will; we choose what we do with it. But where do the thoughts come from. Are we influenced by unseen external forces? Are some people born evil? Are we a product of nature or nurture and ultimately our environment?. Do we actively, consciously make the decision to be evil or do evil things?

Is the Devil real or just a convenient excuse? Is it just simpler to create a persona that encapsulates what we believe evil to be? or is evil all around us, A negative energy that is all around us and which seeks to corrupt us? All of my horror fiction looks at this question and offers alternatives to the usual religious dogma. I feel it is the job of a horror fiction author to challenge the reader’s views.

Is it right that when we have a good v evil story that good always seems to prevail? Is that true to life?

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