The Blade of Nalvage

Catherine Antoinette Heely or Cathy as she is better known is the focus of the dark fiction novel ‘The Reticent Witch’ (Cathy’s Story) during her many adventures she stumbles across an incredibly rare knife, known as the blade of Nalvage.

Nalvage was an Angel, and the slayer of beasts, the knife he fashioned destroys evil completely. Cathy will use the blade during her years of forlorn absolution.

Before making the decision as to whether to use the blade, she consults with an angel named Madimi, an angel she speaks to via her black mirror.

Madimi explains in detail the blades incredible history and some of its previous users.

leviathan from the Reticent Witch series 'The years of forlorn absolution' Cathy's story continues

‘Madimi I would like to know the provenance of the blade of Nalvage, I need to understand more fully its purpose and origin,’ asked Cathy.

‘Very well Catherine, I will tell you all that I know.’

‘Please Madimi, I want to know everything, warts and all.’

‘Very well.’

There was a short pause, Cathy sensed movement out of the corner of her left eye, turning to look, there stood the Angel Madimi, dressed as previously in her green satin gown, her red hair almost ablaze.

‘It isn’t like you to simply appear Madimi.’

‘It will be easier this way, Catherine, you can concentrate on my words rather than the black mirror.’

‘Can we move to the lounge then?’ asked Cathy.

‘Of course.’

Cathy walked back to the lounge, Madimi glided behind her and positioned herself in front of the fireplace.

‘Tell me then, what do you know of the blade Madimi?’

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