Our Magical Past

I do not for a minute profess to be an expert on this subject. I do have a healthy interest in it though. The work of John Dee particularly is vast and complex requiring extensive knowledge of mathematics, but the manner in which he obtained the information for me is equally as interesting.

It seems to a layman such as I that we are actively discouraged from any thoughts of magic or the Occult.

Occult a word that has become synonymous with devil worshipers, witches and crackpots. (I ‘m sure this has been deliberate).

Not so very long ago (in the scheme of things) in fact just over 400 years ago there was much happening in the world around what might loosely be termed Magic.

Indeed between approximately 1400 A.D. and 1600 A.D. many key figures and events were documented in relation to Magical or Occult happenings.

Between 1362-1468 Abraham of Worms who was taught a system of Magic by an Egyptian mage named Abramelin, this is known throughout the world of witchcraft (though some sections are apparently missing and there is much dispute about the accuracy of translation)

Between 1462-1516 Johannes Trithemius, a German Benedictine Abbot formulated a system for communicating with angels; his work was referenced by John Dee when he began his own well-documented conversations with angels.

John Dee 1527-1608 worked with a scryer by the name Edward Kelly 1555-1597 and for some eight years documented their communications with angels and demons. During this time Dee and Kelly transcribed the Enochian language (the language of angels) and recorded information that only 400 years later could be fully understood. It is believed that Dee and Kelly managed by transmogrification and alchemy the production (or transmutation) of gold from base metals such as lead.

Interestingly Dee and Kelly documented all of their endeavours in detail; yet the period in which they achieved transmutation appear to have been conveniently lost.

There is speculation that the Egyptians used this method as they had much gold yet no natural source and no means of reaching gold-rich areas. It is thought that meteoric glass is used in the process and this is what may more commonly be known as the ‘Philosophers Stone’.

It is further speculated that Dee, who was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. managed to use Enochian magic to cause the Spanish armada to flounder in stormy seas. Queen Elizabeth is often referred to as the Virgin Queen but also the Witch Queen. Dee predicted she would come to the throne and have a long and fruitful reign (she is regarded by many as the greatest of all British monarchs)

Then came King James, the first Stuart, to sit on the British throne. King James commissioned the English translation of the Bible known as the King James Version (KJV) the best selling book of all time. James also wrote a book called Daemonologie; the title speaks for itself. Remember King James was of high intellect; speaking and reading several languages including Greek and Latin.

King James also introduced the 1604 Act against Conjuration, Witchcraft and dealing with evil and wicked spirits.

King James believed he had been the victim of witchcraft, indeed an attempt on his life. This was apparently confirmed during the torture of a suspected witch, Agnes Sampson, when she relayed to him the words he had spoken to his wife on their wedding night.

It is obvious that many of those tortured confessed only to end their pain, as the torture methods employed were horrific. But in James’ own accounts it would appear he was told things by the accused that they could not have reasonably known.

Interestingly (only by coincidence) the year that King James was born was the same year that Nostradamus died. It is likely that King James’ mother Mary Queen of Scotts would have met the French Seer in the French court as he was an advisor to Mary’s mother-in-law the wife of King Henry II of France; Catherine de’ Medici. (herself speculated to have been an occultist) There is much controversy around the predictions made by Nostradamus including his seeming prediction regarding the twin towers 9/11.

Many of those who were accused of witchcraft did nothing more than use natural herbs and suchlike to help heal and remedy common afflictions, many were midwives. I would ask then; are the large pharmaceutical companies, not simply corporate witches?

We have been conditioned by science to dismiss ideas of magic and spirits or even divinity; yet science is unable to explain much. Science seems to simply take the view that if they cannot prove something definitively one way or the other then it does not exist.

I would argue that it is simply beyond our current capability and understanding and that we have lost abilities that we once had when we were more at one with the natural world, and when we were not told what to think by those who wish to control us.

We have literally had the abilities beaten out of us over hundreds of years.

Let’s be brutally honest, if embracing your so-called magical powers was likely to end in your shin-bones being shattered in a Spanish boot; before you were burnt alive; would you not choose instead to suppress and deny such gifts?

John Dee, if he were alive today, would still be revered as a genius. He and Kelly recorded under the direction of angels a new language (something impossible to invent spontaneously regardless of intellect) as well as mathematical concepts that are only just now being understood over 400 years on.

How can that be?

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