John Dee & Our Magical Past

Introduction I do not for one minute profess to be an expert on this subject. I do have a healthy interest in it though. The work of John Dee in particular is vast and complex. It requires extensive knowledge of mathematics. However the manner in which he obtained the information for me is equally ifContinue reading “John Dee & Our Magical Past”

Black Mass

Picture 1 & 2 show a dark shadow that moved around the room shortly after we had done some glass moving and dowsing. the third shows a cross over the sofa. This was not caused by tricks of the light, the odd shape of the mass and the speed at which it moved were notContinue reading “Black Mass”

Haunted Rocking Horse

It would have been around 1994; when the rocking horse story began. I was at the time with my second wife and I was working for the maintenance department of a local housing association. One of the housing association tenants was an elderly gentleman who had been working for some number of years on aContinue reading “Haunted Rocking Horse”

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