Where The Truth Lies

Where The Truth Lies

The Internet though contaminated with untruths, is a remarkable source of knowledge. Let us check out some examples; John Dee, the pyramids, the cubit, the bible, Greek mythology and the Maya calendar

Back in my day, you had to sift through various encyclopedias to try and find your answers. Due to the size constraints, you often only gleaned a snippet of information from them.

Now though it is possible to drill down even deeper into your chosen subject. It is so easy to do. You can easily make links and connections that would have been near impossible using commonly available hard copy reference material.

Access to information via the Internet is potentially the dawn of a new era. I think we all recognise that we are controlled to a high degree by the authorities and the media.


An excellent example of the changes that access to information can bring about is a subject close to my own heart.

When King James I. translated the bible from Greek/Latin/Hebrew. He removed much of the churches power over the people (Catholic Church). The Common man could now access the word of God for himself.

The King James Version (KJV) is the best selling book of all time. Most of the subsequent versions are based upon its translations.

Historical anomalies

The Pyramids (cubit)

I think it is fair to say that there is much in history that many people feel does not quite add up. Throughout this article, I will look at some of them briefly. This is in an attempt to make the point. Perhaps to plant the seeds of doubt regarding what it is we are expected to believe without any explanation.

Most people I believe would question the ability of man some 5000 years ago to have built the great pyramids. These Pyramids were never used for burial.

The stone blocks used varied in weight from 2.5 Tonnes to 40 Tonnes finished to an accuracy of 1/100 of an inch.

Devil in the detail

The three pyramids align with the celestial body of Orian. The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure on earth and is aligned precisely to true north.

The length of a base side is 9131 pyramid inches measured at the mean socket level. Or 365.24 pyramid cubits, which is the number of days in a year. {9131/25 = 365.24, accurate to 5 digits}

We will look at the cubit more closely later. The list is endless regarding the great pyramids. Indeed all of these attributes cannot simply be put down to luck or strange coincidence. How would a civilisation 2500BC have been able to ascertain any of that information, prior to construction?

The Maya Calendar.

We all heard about the predicted apocalypse of 21st December 2012. It never happened, but the question remains that their long count calendar was based on an event over 5000 years ahead. It was the 13th alignment of the Baktun cycle. (why 13?)

Rather than predicting the end of the world, it is more realistic to think that it signified change, whether that be spiritual change, world order or enlightenment it is not known.

Can we all though perhaps see significant changes since 2012 in general societal behaviours?

Look again at the timeframes here. Pyramids and Maya calendars from approximately 3000BC

The Bible (the cubit)

Keep in mind timelines here. The great floods in which Noah built his ark was about 2300BC. Creation and the garden of Eden being sometime before that event.

I doubt anyone believes that Noah built an ark so large. According to the bible, the dimensions were half the length of the Titanic but similar in height and width, measured in cubits of course..

He could not have navigated the world to collect two of each animal, nor could the animals have travelled to him. Much of the world was undiscovered, and the concept of one’s world would be minimal indeed.

It is reasonable to think that he built a boat for his own livestock and that the floods rather than being global were in fact localised. Maybe there was a catastrophic event that caused a tidal wave.

The story may have some basis in fact, but we all know it would be impossible even today to undertake such a huge task.

The bible is full of metaphoric language, many consider it should be used not only as a historical reference but as a predictive text.

Greek Mythology

The Greeks consider the birth of the world to have been around 1800BC. Again look at the timelines for other documented historical facts.

At about 3000BC it is thought the average height of a male human was 171cm or 5 feet, 6 inches. Most religions look to the sky for answers. They talk about in the image of God. The Greek Gods were all ‘Giants.’ The bible has giants too in the form of Angels sent to mate with man. (also referred to as the watchers) Is it reasonable that a man of say 6 feet, 9 Inches would be seen as a giant or a God?


Given their limited understanding of the world. Would it not be reasonable to perhaps conclude that angels coming down on clouds, could have been aliens coming down in spaceships?

If these aliens came from a planet with stronger gravity, they would be muscular and superhuman in strength (or indeed God-like).

If they were biologically compatible which if you take Darwinism as a reference, they could have been. They may then have mated creating more substantial and more intelligent beings. (mankind had an injection of something that accelerated our development).

It took millions of years for us to even walk upright. Yet in the space of a thousand years we were catapulted forward. 1200BC was the Iron age. Look what we have achieved in just a little over a century. Rewind the clock just 600 years, and we were not a great deal more advanced than we’d been 600 years prior to that.

Back to the cubit.

The cubit is an ancient measurement. It is derived by taking the distance from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow joint of an ‘Average’ man. The Cubit was used to build the pyramids.

I Know that it sounds incredibly flawed as an accurate measurement. Imagine as an ancient stonemason 3000BC shouting to your mate, ‘Its ten cubits exactly’ he then measures it out, and the 40 Tonne Stone led to size, is an inch too short. (because he had a shorter arm)

Well, there is the obelisk of Luxor in France. It was made at the same time as the pyramids. It weighs 200 Tonnes and is carved from a single piece of Stone. A cubit is taken as being 18.24 inches, and the obelisk is precisely 50 cubits high.

The cubit…Coincidence?

So what? I hear you say. Well, the circumference of the earth is precisely 86,400,000 cubits. (the number of thousands of a second in a day) Exactly! The speed of sunlight passing over the earth surface isexactly 1000 cubits per second. So the cubit is a measurement of both time and distance. A nautical mile is 4000 cubits.

Coincidence? I would say as a logical and grounded individual that this is far more than an accident. The biggest issue for me though, is how consistent would mankind have to have been for this measurement to be so incredibly accurate. The variances today would be huge.

John Dee

John Dee & Edward Kelly
John Dee communicaion with angels

You might see from other pages and posts on my website, that I have a significant interest in the work of John Dee.

Dee was the greatest mind of his time. He was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. He was a scientist, mathematician and cartographer. Dee was fluent in several languages, both written and spoken including Greek and Latin.

He developed navigational concepts that allowed for the discovery of the new world, and he noted to have termed the phrase ‘The British Empire.’

I find it a shame that he is consigned to the sidelines of history (indeed mainstream history). Because he used scrying to contact the world of angels and demons.

Dee had a personal library which was undoubtedly the largest in Europe and possibly in the world at the time.


Scrying involves the use of a black mirror, his partner in this endeavour was Edward Kelly. Over some seven years, the pair documented their conversations with angels.

During this time, Dee effectively transcribed a new language known as Enochian or the language of angels.

Modern science has to admit that regardless of one’s intellect, to spontaneously create a full working language would be near impossible.

Much of Dee’s angelic downloads were of a mathematical nature, he did not understand the relevance of much of what he was instructed to do. We are only just now some 400 years on. Finally understanding the significance.

Angel magic

It is said that Dee and Kelly unclocked the key to angel magic. It is suggested by some that Dee used this magic to cause the Spanish armada to flounder in stormy seas, thus having to cancel their invasion of Britain. Queen Elizabeth I. was generally referred to as the Virgin Queen, but also as the witch Queen.

The equipment used by Dee can be found in the British Museum, The British Library and the Science museum. The science museum holds the shew stone which Dee claims in his diaries was handed to him by an angel.

The diaries of Dee are fascinating, remember this man would be revered as a genius even today. How could he create mathematical constructs that only today are being understood?

King James I.

There is some crossover here that is interesting. Nostradamus, the famous Seer, died the year that King James was born. James’ mother, Mary Queen of Scotts, would have doubtless met Nostradamus during her stay in the French court.

We have said already that James sponsored the translation of the Bible into English. He also though wrote a book called daemonologie. He also introduced the Act against Witchcraft and Conjuration. James was instrumental in the witch hunts. He was also the target of the Catholic churches plot by Guy Fawkes.

James was another highly intelligent man. Like Dee, James spoke many languages including Greek and Latin.  

Why would such an intelligent man initiate legislation and witch hunts? Is witchcraft a real thing? It seems that many witches were murdered for merely using herbs etc. to help ease common ailments. (is that not what the pharmaceutical industry does today?)


The Act against witchcraft and conjuration listed very specific acts that were deemed to be witchcraft. If the Act was still in place that would mean that clairvoyants or mediums would be burnt at the stake.

Do you believe in mediums or ghosts and spirits? Another use of witchcraft that was outlawed was using conjuration to find lost or hidden treasures. See my post on Dowsing. This method is used today with great success.

But how do these things work? What is it that we are tapping into exactly?

One of the most famous witches was Agnus Sampson. In the transcripts of her trial, King James seemed unconvinced that she was a witch. But Agnus whispered in his ear the words he had spoken to his new wife on their wedding night in Denmark. (thus sealing her fate)

I must admit that knowing the punishment for being found to be a witch. I am not sure why you would dig such a hole when the King was questioning if you were indeed a witch.

Modern Science the false prophet

Over the years, we seemed to move away from our beliefs in witchcraft, spirituality and all things supernatural or paranormal.

Science offered us so-called explanations and told us effectively to ‘not be so silly.’

My books try and offer non-scientific explanations while attempting to maintain scientific credibility. (If that makes sense?)

I think that science is very good at saying things like, ‘there is no scientific evidence to confirm the presence of the human soul.’ Yet what they don’t ever say is that ‘there is also no proof or scientific evidence that the human soul does not exist.’

Humans function using electrical energy. We are surrounded by energy not least the magnetic forces of the earth and planets. The human body is 80% water. We know that the moon affects the tides. The term ‘Lunatic’ was derived from the fact that the phase of the moon can affect our mental well-being. (we are 80% water after all) if the moon can affect billions of tonnes of water, then it’s not hard to imagine it can affect us.


I watched a documentary the other day about the Ouija board. While It was three hours of my life I will never get back. The scientific view was that we subconsciously push the planchet or glass. Our brains are pre-empting the response, and we follow the herd.

The question seemed to be that if we are communicating with spirits, why do we need to touch the planchet at all? (the spirit can surely do this by itself) well, perhaps what we consider to be ‘subconscious’ is the manipulation by spirits. (they are surely just form of electrical energy).

I recently watched a BBC, short documentary on freewill. If the finding is to be believed, then there is no such thing. Our subconscious makes the decision before our conscious mind does. This would bring into play the concept of ‘Fate’ as well as the possibility that we are influenced by unseen external forces.

We’ve all watched the cartoons where the character has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, each trying to influence the characters actions. (is it really so far fetched?)

The world is full of, and we are surrounded by positive and negative energy. We all know someone who can walk into a room and seem to drain all the positive energy from it.

To sum it up

In conclusion, I think that we have looked to explain in the simplest terms what drives us to act as we do. What forces mould our world, what is real and what is not. If we start and dig a little deeper. If we look to try and connect some of the dots that are indeed based on historical fact. Then we free our minds to explore the endless possibilities within us.

Over the coming months, I will, of course, publish further fiction books which will gradually peel away the years of mind control and conditioning that holds us back and prevents us from seeing the truth.


My intention is to add blogs which look in more detail at the points I have covered here.

Currently, I do not have anywhere near a final theory on the subject, I’m not sure I ever will, but if anyone can look at this article and simply laugh it off, I would be surprised.

I do not mock those who have religious faith. Nor do I promote one religion over another. Each person is entitled to believe what they wish. No person has the right though to force those views onto others. Nor should anyone hate based on religion as all religions are in the same boat. Remember not a single religious text was written by, or even claimed to have been written directly by the hand of God.

So let us not fight over who’s imaginary friend is best.

However we got here, we are all in it together, and nobody gets out alive, so be kind.

Edward Kelly

John Dee Angels

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