The Reticent Witch

The Reticent Witch (Cathy’s Story) was driven by readers who said they had liked Cathy’s character in Sold Out Soul Doubt and wanted to know her back story.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book.

Cathy is a modern-day witch, with exceptional powers as she is the result of a clandestine breeding programme carried out over hundreds of years. A raven haired, voluptuous woman Cathy is torn between her somewhat shy demeanour and her unusually high sex drive. (the book makes some loose sexual references but is not graphic in its content)

From a young age Cathy is aware that she is different. Coming to terms with her abilities she finds that she has great power over the natural world, a power that can be destructive and deadly.

Cathy is plagued by a voice in her head, a voice she calls the Darkness. Teased and bullied for her looks, Cathy discovers she has a vengeful temper and a propensity to administer instant and irreversible punishment. The Darkness constantly torments her, yet also protects her when required.

Not only does Cathy have to manage her powers, but her temper as she fights the call of the Darkness.

Cathy’s first line of defence is her rather dry and sarcastic wit, unfortunately this seldom works to diffuse the situation, deep down she knows it too, but the devil in her knows she is more than capable of dealing with any situation.

A hateful older sister also plays her part in pushing Cathy towards troubled waters. When Cathy finally falls in love her hateful sister is on hand to antagonise Cathy.

Fiercely protective of her friends, with a hatred of bullies Cathy fights to use her powers sparingly and for the good of others, unfortunately she finds herself the target of revenge plots and unwanted police attention that sees her drawn deeper into a world she has no interest in.

Struggling with her mental health Cathy reaches out through her black mirror scrying to an angel named Madimi who helps her through some difficult times.

Should she hide herself away, should she use her immense powers to help others, to punish those doing evil, or should she give in to the calls of the Darkness?

Meeting a journalist Cathy finds an outlet for her powers of mediumship, helping to solve crimes. Her friendship with the Journalist grows, Cathy is bisexual and has an appetite for sex that for many years is almost insatiable; during her one night with the journalist Stephanie Turner she secretly bequeaths her something very special.

The Reticent Witch attempts to unravel the emotional turmoil that would be associated with such a situation and as with Sold Out/Soul Doubt looks at morality, again asking the question; What would you do?

Certainly, the things that Cathy did as a child and adolescent, many of us would have done exactly the same in those situations. However, Cathy did feel guilty and questioned her role as judge, jury and executioner, did she have the right to do what she did?

Later though her situations escalate and the body count starts to mount, no longer is it just a trail of people suffering from physical ailments fitting with their transgressions; no, it is now horrifically violent endings as Cathy develops a more sadistic streak as she strikes down those who attempt to hurt her or her friends.

It is worth considering reading The Reticent Witch, before you read Sold Out/Soul Doubt though it’s not essential.

Anyone who enjoyed the film or book Carrie by Stephen King should love this book, as should anyone who hates bullies.

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