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‘If you like a good horror fiction book then you have come to the right place. Whether it’s an adult horror novel or dark fiction you are looking for, read some of the best horror of 2020 from this new author. You will also find, real-life experiences of my own in my horror author blog. My own experiences are numbered in order 1-8 to help you navigate. My site also contains a few historical facts, some of my theories on the spirit world and some wicked practical jokes.

Sold Out/Soul Doubt

a great new horror fiction book for 2020

A romantic thriller with some horror content. read more…

Sold Out Too

Revenge, absolution and more in this high speed horror thriller. horror books and horror stories

A direct sequel to Sold Out/Soul Doubt a little more horror than book 1. read more...

The Reticent Witch

Paranormal romance, Cathy comes of age, beware all who wish to harm her a great horror story

A spin-off from Sold Out/Soul Doubt. A Dark story of the coming of age of a powerful modern-day witch. read more…

If you like Horror or dark fiction content, then these dark fiction and horror books for adults will be the perfect fit for you.

As a writer of horror fiction, I try and keep the story moving, the first book is more of a romantic thriller, with a touch of horror, however the second two books both published early 2020 have much more in the way of horror content.

I do believe that all good horror fiction, must have a sound underpinning plot and lessons of some sorts for the reader to take away.

It is important to me to have the reader trying to decide the true nature of the characters, as they navigate their way through the twists and turns. I also like to have the reader asking themselves ‘what would I do in the same situation.’

One of my main objectives is to try and keep the stories real, as far as possible given the nature of the subject. Where possible I will use actual historical facts to add depth and believability to the stories I tell.

I truly believe if you like books such as Stephen Kings Carrie, or films such as Underworld and TV series such as Supernatural, that you will like these books.

When Darkness Calls

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