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When Darkness Calls

Introduction I would say that, the whole idea of When Darkness Calls, is to explore the many issues around not only evil, but mental health. my books and blogs will explore the dark places that our own minds can take us to. My own recent experiences of this are documented in my book Cancer TheContinue reading “When Darkness Calls”


The Collateral Damage I have decided to offer Cancer (The Collateral Damage) for free, once contractually able to do so in September. The book is a personal account of the nightmare of seeing a loved one; my wife, diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Having to then watch, feeling effectively helpless as they undergo surgery andContinue reading “Cancer”

Sold Out/Soul Doubt

Sold Out Soul Doubt is a story that I have had in mind for some twenty years or so. I finally made a proper start on it in 2018. What a journey it was, as well as a very steep learning curve. The story is absolutely a cross-genre affair, the main theme is that ofContinue reading “Sold Out/Soul Doubt”


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Horror Author John Martin

About Me

Just an average guy, with some stories to tell. Interests include John Dee & Edward Kelly as well as King James I. As a horror fiction author, I enjoy building in some historical facts as part of my ‘When Darkness Calls’ series of books which are Dark fiction and mild to moderate horror.

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