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I would say that, the whole idea of When Darkness Calls, is to explore the many issues around not only evil, but mental health. My books and blogs will explore the dark places that our own minds can take us to. My own recent experiences of this are documented in my book Cancer The Collateral Damage. I know I have a dark mind, my writing is a good outlet for it.

I have, as will have many of you; battled with my demons, when darkness calls. We have all been taken to dark places. Places that scare us and make us question who we really are.

The source of evil

I believe that the concept of evil is somewhat simplified. Most religions have their equivalent of the Devil. I do believe that there is a dark and negative energy around us. An energy that attempts to corrupt us.

Freewill is another issue that is examined in my books. Recent research on brain activity; suggests that what we believe is freewill, is not. It appears that a part of the brain over which we have no control, makes the decision, before executing said decision via our conscious mind.

This part of the brain potentially has access to all of the information passed down through our genes. Basing its actions and decisions on the balance of probability based on thousands of years worth of experiences.

This does then bring into question the concept of fate. How much do we actually consciously control our own destiny?

Stephen King is facinated by the subject of the roots of evil and we all have the capacity to do and be evil.


Book 1 from my series ‘Sold Out Soul Doubt looks at what it might take to coerce a good man to undertake an evil act. There are always choices. there is always right and wrong. Our freewill is used to make them.

In other words, these choices are based on our own value sets and morality which again could be a result of nature or nurture or both.

I do find the whole subject fascinating and it could be debated and argued for all eternity. Above all there is much we do not understand. I think religion offers a palatable framework. However, I believe that the truth would be beyond the capacity of our minds.

I will present my own theories via my fiction writing and also in the form of blogs on this site.

There are several blog posts that relate to my own paranormal experiences all of which are true and accurate accounts.

Check out Steve Canning’s dilemma in the book Sold Out from the series ‘When Darkness Calls’ ask yourself, what would you do in his situation?

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