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John Martin, Author of fiction and non-fiction.

John Martin (Dark & Horror Fiction Author)


John is in his early fifties. For over 20 years he has been a technical author. Having penned many guides professional examinations, and training materials. John has now decided to switch his focus and become a dark fiction and horror fiction author.

Interestingly, John has an interest in the supernatural and the paranormal. More importantly, he has had many direct experiences over the years. These started when he was 18 when he experienced his first ghost sighting.

The posts relating to my own experiences are numbered in the order that they occurred 1-8 in the blog

In addition, John has dabbled with Ouija boards. As a result, he has vowed never again to use one. Also over the years, he has worked with dowsing and crystals. He also spent 4 years living in a haunted house where he believes that he was actually attacked by an entity.

As a result, these specific experiences are to be documented in his upcoming book; ‘A Very Ordinary Story & The Thoughts & Ramblings of a Madman.’ Moreover, some are documented in the blogs on this site.

Interests and Influences

John’s first book Sold Out/Soul Doubt was in part inspired by his interest in the paranormal. Additionally, his interest in the work of John Dee and Edward Kelley was a contributing factor.

Another interest of John’s is King James I. The KJV bible is used as a key reference source. The book Daemonologie also written by King James I, is another source.

John’s desire as a fiction novel author is to write easy to read, engaging, accessible and fast-paced books. All of his books contain a strong message about morality.

In addition, a number of readers have specifically commented that John’s stories really are page-turners. With many noting for instance, that they often get bored midway through a book. However, though this wasn’t the case with John’s books.

John sees himself as a writer of books for people who don’t do books. While also appealing to those that do. John does not believe in writing 50 words where 10 will suffice and he is personally put off by such books.

Although John recognises that it is a bold statement to make, he believes that given his many years auditing against numerous international standards, that his stories will not contain any plot holes.

Above all John tries to avoid, expecting the reader to make huge leaps of faith. John attempts to set out rules that are adhered to throughout the story/series.

Genre & Style

John’s books are best described as ‘cross-genre’ as they often have elements of romance, thriller, mystery and supernatural, urban fantasy and even mild horror.

Book 2 The Reticent Witch (Cathy’s Story) is now available & book 3 Sold Out Too (direct follow on from book 1) from the series ‘When Darkness Calls’ was published in June 2020.

A brush with Darkness

John has recently experienced his own brush with ‘Darkness’ as his wife was diagnosed with cancer while he was writing Sold Out. She is now thankfully through surgery and treatment and in recovery.

John recognised that through these difficult months his own mental health had suffered immensely. This prompted John to author a book called ‘Cancer The Collateral Damage’ in an effort to help others who may be facing similar challenges. All of the royalty payments from the sale of the book will go to cancer charities.

Other than that John lives a simple life on the east coast of Lincolnshire.

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