The Reticent Witch

One of the best new horror fiction books 2020?

I would like to think this is one of the best new horror fiction books of 2020 by a new author.

Cathy is a powerful modern-day witch. Her bloodline has been deliberately manipulated over hundreds of years by dark forces. Cathy is tormented constantly by a voice in her head. Her only wish is to love and to use her powers for good.

Above all Cathy has a propensity for immediate retaliation when she is threatened or betrayed. The Darkness constantly torments her, trying to coerce her to do evil.

As the afflicted and dead bodies begin to mount in her wake, she finds herself becoming a person of interest to the police and therefore further becomes drawn into revenge plots. These will see her teetering on the brink of madness, as the temptation to succumb to the darkness that dwells within becomes more appealing.

If you like…

if you like The Witcher and Supernatural, then I am sure you will love this book. Cathy is like Sabrina on steroids. If you’re a fan of Stephen Kings Carrie, then you will absolutely enjoy Cathy.

The witchcraft genre is well trodden, therefore it is easy to follow the well trodden path. I have tried to avoid this.

In other words I have attempted to bring something fresh and new to the genre. Above all else I have tried to avoid typical cliches.

I understand it is a bold statement to make but I do consider that my book should rank as one of the best horror fiction books of 2020, by a new author.

I am not in anyway arrogant or full of myself, but genuinely believe my book is a very worthwhile contribution to the horror genre. My sincere hope is that you will agree.

best new horror fiction 2020
best new horror fiction 2020

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