More Ghosts and Spirits (2)

All true first hand accounts of the Ouija In 1986 I started work with a local Community Programme. This would be my first experience of the Ouija. I was given the role of teamleader and put in charge of half a dozen younger lads. The premise of the scheme was that the Community Programme wouldContinue reading “More Ghosts and Spirits (2)”

The Reticent Witch

One of the best new horror fiction books 2020? I would like to think this is one of the best new horror fiction books of 2020 by a new author. Cathy is a powerful modern-day witch. Her bloodline has been deliberately manipulated over hundreds of years by dark forces. Cathy is tormented constantly by aContinue reading “The Reticent Witch”

What is Popular at the moment?

It seems that there is a good appetite at the moment for all things supernatural and Witchy. The American TV series Supernatural is the longest running live action series in the history of American TV with 15 seasons. The new Series, The Witcher on NETFLIX already has a huge following and Sabrina the teenage witchContinue reading “What is Popular at the moment?”

Dowsing (5)

Setting the Scene Many years past before I had any further dealings with the spiritual world. Dowsing would be the tool, that I would use. It was around 1998. I was working as a lecturer for a local training provider. During this period I found myself reacquainted with a man I had known from a previousContinue reading “Dowsing (5)”

Modern Day Witchcraft: The Reticent Witch

The Reticent Witch is a new horror fiction book by J E Martin. it follows the story of Cathy, a modern day witch with incredible powers. Witchcraft is alive and kicking ass. The book follows her journey from birth to adulthood as she masters her powers and her temper. Cathy has a propensity for punsihingContinue reading “Modern Day Witchcraft: The Reticent Witch”

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