Dowsing (5)

Setting the Scene

Many years past before I had any further dealings with the spiritual world. Dowsing would be the tool, that I would use.

It was around 1998. I was working as a lecturer for a local training provider. During this period I found myself reacquainted with a man I had known from a previous role.

The man in question was a big burly Yorkshireman of around 6’2” and 17 stone. (I hope he reads this and comments). I have known him now for many years and he is a longstanding friend, who was, and still is a no nonsense type of guy. He speaks as he finds and does not suffer fools. (in many ways much like me).

I knew that he was extremely experienced in his area of work and extremely intelligent. He is the type of man who is very well respected. If he says that something is so, it almost certainly so.

My Dowsing initiation

I recall that one particular evening we were doing some overtime. We were refurbishing the workshop area. The work could not be completed during the day as the facilities were in use. I’m not quite sure how it came up in conversation but he mentioned dowsing.

Dowsing rods

Now had I heard this from anyone else, I would probably have laughed despite my previous experiences.

However he was compelling and quickly got to work making some dowsing rods from brazing rods in the workshop. He then proceeded to give me a demonstration. Once I had been properly briefed in their use, he asked me to give it a try. I tentatively took the rods held them as shown and went through the individual calibration process to verify the rod movement for Yes and No as this is different for each person. It can also differ for each use. However from m experience perhaps 80% of the time they always moved in the same way.

How it felt

I was amazed at how this worked and the sensation in your fingers as you used them was incredible. The speed at which they move and the consistent manner in which they moved was quite simply astounding.

I soon realised that, dowsing is not just for detecting water or pipes. As part of the demo, and completely disoriented as to the direction of North. When asked to point North the rods did so.

It is fair to say that they fascinated me. For weeks after my introduction to them I used them most days.

When I returned home from work, I would often reach for the rods. using them to predict or give insight to current personal situations. They correctly predicted events, such as the outcomes of other peoples relationships. I know it could be argued that if I already held a belief or opinion that I would influence the rods but often they would actually oppose my own view. And were correct in doing so.

Crystal work

later in my life I used crystals to the same effect and have had some really interesting results. The most fascinating thing with the crystals is that once they have answered and you say STOP the crystal stops immediately.

If you hold a crystal on its chain and deliberately get the crystal moving. See if you can using any technique you desire (apart from grabbing it in your spare hand) try and get it to stop.

We have a bathroom light switch that has a ceramic end on the pull cord. I have turned on the light (thus setting it swinging) As I sit and watch it from the bath, after 20 minutes the cord is still moving.

I am, as most people will tell you a very sceptical person as well as being quite pessimistic.

What forces are behind dowsing?

However I am the first to say, that the rods do move themselves and are clearly tapping into an energy. Is that our own energy? Maybe its’s naturally occurring external energy?

What drives the response though is less clear. Are the rods or crystals simply tapping into our deep-seated intuition that we are able to access using these techniques? Or are they answers from another plane.

My own personal belief is that our DNA carries the experiences of all our anseters back to the start of time. Our brain may at one time have been able to access this at will but no longer can.

I wonder if these methods allow us tune into all of this information. Imagine that, you are simply coming up with answers based on the balance of probability using vast amounts of stored information and experience. (This is just one of many theories I have on the subject)

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