More Ghosts and Spirits (2)

All true first hand accounts of the Ouija In 1986 I started work with a local Community Programme. This would be my first experience of the Ouija. I was given the role of teamleader and put in charge of half a dozen younger lads. The premise of the scheme was that the Community Programme wouldContinue reading “More Ghosts and Spirits (2)”

Haunted Rocking Horse (4)

In the beginning It would have been around 1994, when the rocking horse story first began. At the time, I was with my second wife. I was working for the maintenance department of a local housing association. I had come to know one particular housing association tenant, and I really respected him. He was anContinue reading “Haunted Rocking Horse (4)”

Yes this is True! (6)

The Entity My next experience happened a year or so after I met my third wife. I moved into what was her long-term family home; a home which had much history in the area of paranormal activity. however I never expected to meet the entity. It would have been in 2005. It was the earlyContinue reading “Yes this is True! (6)”

Dowsing (5)

Setting the Scene Many years past before I had any further dealings with the spiritual world. Dowsing would be the tool, that I would use. It was around 1998. I was working as a lecturer for a local training provider. During this period I found myself reacquainted with a man I had known from a previousContinue reading “Dowsing (5)”

My first ever Ghost sighting. (1)

Over the years I had had many different experiences of the paranormal all of my real life ghost stories are on this blag. My first recollection was in 1985 when I was staying with my wife at her parent’s house, this was an old farmhouse listed in the Domesday Book so dating back to theContinue reading “My first ever Ghost sighting. (1)”

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