The Angel Madimi

Introduction The Angels Madimi & Nalvage The angel Madimi features in my novels from the ‘When Darkness Calls’ series. Madimi plays the angelic confidant of Cathy, The Reticent Witch. She is also key to the short story ‘The Blade of Nalvage.’ Both Madimi and Nalvage feature in the records of John Dee. These records orContinue reading “The Angel Madimi”

More on Dowsing & how to dowse

The following post is from a very good friend of mine. His name is Roy Oxley. You will by the end of it know how to dowse. Roy is the man who taught me to dowse, I have known him now for some twenty years. He is the author of a book titled ‘Challenge‘ andContinue reading “More on Dowsing & how to dowse”

When Darkness Calls

Introduction I would say that, the whole idea of When Darkness Calls, is to explore the many issues around not only evil, but mental health. my books and blogs will explore the dark places that our own minds can take us to. My own recent experiences of this are documented in my book Cancer TheContinue reading “When Darkness Calls”


The Collateral Damage I have decided to offer Cancer (The Collateral Damage) for free, once contractually able to do so in September. The book is a personal account of the nightmare of seeing a loved one; my wife, diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Having to then watch, feeling effectively helpless as they undergo surgery andContinue reading “Cancer”

Sold Out/Soul Doubt

Sold Out Soul Doubt is a story that I have had in mind for some twenty years or so. I finally made a proper start on it in 2018. What a journey it was, as well as a very steep learning curve. The story is absolutely a cross-genre affair, the main theme is that ofContinue reading “Sold Out/Soul Doubt”

The Reticent Witch

The Reticent Witch (Cathy’s Story) was driven by readers who said they had liked Cathy’s character in Sold Out Soul Doubt and wanted to know her back story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. Cathy is a modern-day witch, with exceptional powers as she is the result of a clandestine breeding programme carried out overContinue reading “The Reticent Witch”

Sold Out Too

Sold Out Too is the direct sequel to Sold Out/Soul Doubt but does mix it up with aspects of The Reticent Witch. The story could have gone in so many directions; it was a tough call. The core theme though was always there, a somewhat uncomfortable subject. Sold Out/Soul Doubt left a trail of crumbsContinue reading “Sold Out Too”

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