The Reticent Witch

The Reticent Witch (Cathy’s Story) was driven by readers who said they had liked Cathy’s character in Sold Out Soul Doubt and wanted to know her back story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. Cathy is a modern-day witch, with exceptional powers as she is the result of a clandestine breeding programme carried out overContinue reading “The Reticent Witch”

Which to Read First?? or should that be, Read the Witch First??

Okay, so logic would suggest you read book one of the series first. Sold Out/Soul Doubt is a story about Steve Canning and the decisions he is forced to make in an attempt to protect his daughter Faith. The story crosses many genres and has elements of a love story, thriller, and mystery with moreContinue reading “Which to Read First?? or should that be, Read the Witch First??”


Setting the Scene Many years past before I had any further dealings with the spiritual world. Dowsing would be the tool, that I would use. It was around 1998. I was working as a lecturer for a local training provider. During this period I found myself reacquainted with a man I had known from a previousContinue reading “Dowsing”