Yes this is True!

My next experience happened a year or so after I met my third wife. I moved into what was her long-term family home; a home which had much history in the area of paranormal activity. however I never expected to meet the entity.

It would have been in 2005; It was the early hours of the morning when I became aware that my face being pressed into the pillow by what felt like someone sat astride my chest.

I was making a noise that sounded like I was being suffocated, (this according to my wife who was woken by the noise). Initially she thought I was having a bad dream and attempted to rouse me.

Realising I was actually awake she could see I appeared to be being pinned down. She instinctively put her hand to my chest which she said was ice cold. (my wife tells me I’m hot in bed, I’ll take a compliment where I can) As soon as she touched me it was over, and my temperature returned to normal.

My wife then informed that a previous partner had had issues with a sprit which he often saw and which some nights tormented him endlessly. This had included seeing the spirit/ghost stood outside the bedroom door as he returned from the bathroom.

It was clearly guarding the bedroom and he dare not move.

I like a good horror movie I particulary enjoyed The Entity.

Now it’s usually very clear when a ghost or spirit wants you out, you have to wonder why people stay. (apart from the fact there would be no film if they just simply got up and left).

I figured rightly or wrongly that it was perhaps a test of my commitment, so I stayed, (though never quite felt comfortable when I was in the house alone) there were no further attempts on my life.

We did however a year or so later undertake some dowsing and glass moving.

Both activities did shed some light on the number of spirits in the house and whether their intent was good or bad.

We established that there was a female who was good and a little mischievous; a male who was perhaps attached to my wife and another male whose intent seemed unclear.

The mischievous female seemed the dominant spirit in the house and it tied up with some of the events over the years that my wife’s family had witnessed and experienced; this had included a bowl freely spinning around on the coffee table in view of my wife her sister and mum. My wife had been a young child at the time.

My father-in-law who has since sadly passed away; was an antique restorer and one of the rooms at the house was used to store furniture. I understand that sprits can become attached to furniture and it is possible I suppose; that the spirits may have been effectively imported as we did try and establish the past history of the property but there was nothing to suggest anything untoward had happened there.

I do believe that the spirit which attacked me is attached to the house but seemed either protective or possessive over my wife.

Given events that have happened since we moved from the home, we both believe that somehow this entity has cursed us. Watch for future posts where I will explain the reasons why, we have concluded this.


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