Paranormal Activity (8)

paranormal activity
Paranormal activity


I currently live with my wife in a house which is over 200 years old. The house has always felt calm and peaceful. Visitors often comment how well they sleep. So why the sudden paranormal activity?

We have now lived here for over seven years and have only had one instance of potential activity.

Testing times

Unfortunately my father-in-law died just two days prior to us moving to this home. The move was a significant one as we were moving from Southampton to the Lincolnshire coast.

Obviously these were extremely testing times emotionally. I would sat that our home genuinely has a very calming effect and just feels extremely homely. Given the history of the house, we had half expected it to be haunted. We do live less than 2 miles from what has been claimed to be the most haunted place in the UK.

It was some months after the death of my father-in-law we were woken one night to our bedroom lights (pictured) switching on and off by themselves.

The light consists of 10 high power halogen bulbs and can be likened to a football pitch floodlight when lit. (in fact I have removed some of the bulbs to help preserve our retina’s.

The light switch is touch sensitive as well as remote control and makes a distinctive click as it is activated. by either touch or remote control activation.


In conclusion we believe that this was my father-in-law trying to make contact, at the time my wife was not yet ready to accept that this might have been the case. She was very clearly at the denial stage of her grief.

However, my fathers-in-law’s previous girlfriend reported much the same had happened to her in the kitchen of her home. She claimed that she had a yes/no conversation with him, (one flash yes, two for no). My mother-in-law also reported a similar event with their TV as did my wife’s brother ans sister.

All of these events occurred at around the same time. I recognise people will say that it’s all coincidence. Our light has never malfunction before or since that one-off event.

All of these separate events of a similar nature all in a short space of time! was this paranormal activity or is it really just coincidence?

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