Black Mass

Picture 1 & 2 show a dark shadow that moved around the room shortly after we had done some glass moving and dowsing. the third shows a cross over the sofa.

This was not caused by tricks of the light, the odd shape of the mass and the speed at which it moved were not due the external casting of shadow. the lighter are above the sofa is light from the large front window and again the cross on the window is not due to shadow cast from the window pain as the main central window was a full pane with no openers. Aslo note picture 2 the light from the window is clear but no cross shaped shadow is apparent.

I am currently trying to find photographs taken at around the same time which clearly show a number of Orbs.

Although as previously mentioned in other blog posts the house was certainly haunted after we conducted the glass moving and dowsing the house seemed a little more oppressive and a little more sinister.

These picture date back to 2007 the black mass appeared on several occasions which is why we had a camera at hand to capture it as it happened.

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