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John Martin, What’s in a name?

I suppose that given the population of the world, it is no surprise how many John Martins or even J E Martins are out there.

However it would seem that there are also several John Martins and J E Martins who are also authors. As a consequence trying to get recognised as a new author becomes somewhat more difficult.

This John Martin, J E Martin, John Edward Martin; is primarily an author of dark fiction, or horror fiction based around a backdrop of romantic thrillers.


My genre I think chose me! I am interested in all things paranormal. This includes Aliens, as well as ghosts, spirits and the like.

I am interested in the true source of evil as we understand it. There is much scientific fact that is not what you would consider mainstream. This fact ties in with religious texts and when looked at in context with other related facts opens the door on a whole new ideology.

Through my writing I attempt to bring in questions about the way we are currently conditioned to think and to view certain things. I simply ask the question; ‘might this alternative theory, be at least as plausible?’

My other interests include witchcraft. I am simply in awe at the work of John Dee and Edward Kelly. Two key figures, almost scrubbed from mainstream modern history. Simply because they dabbled in the occult. King James I. is also a significant figure in the realms of the paranormal and supernatural.

In conclusion the J E Martin books have a good level of sophistical fact. They also contain mythology and biblical reference. The books however are not of a religious nature. the biblical references are in fact used to in many ways pick apart religious dogma.

John Martin Author
John Martin

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