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My Background.

I have always enjoyed a good horror or dark fiction book. It is fair to say I also enjoy movies of the same genre. However it is also fair to say that many movies do a poor job of converting the story to screen.

I do enjoy the age old battle of good over evil. Is it realistic though that good always triumphs?

Stephen King, is a favourite of mine, as he is for many others. He is multifaceted in that he mostly writes one-off stories rather than a series, trilogy etc. Each of his books is very different from their counterparts and his imagination seems to be simply limitless.

My own journey started out with a simple tale. Sold Out Soul Doubt. Primarily the book is a romantic thriller. However, its content becomes quite dark and one chapter is quite horrific.

That one horrific chapter set me alight. This fire drew me in as an author to the dark and horror fiction genre. I had never considered being an author. I had just had a story in my head for twenty years and needed to purge it from my system.

As an author, I now get a real stirring within, when I write the dark and horror content. However, I do try and keep it in context with the story, its not just about the gore. I think that the chapter in Sold Out took many by surprise.

When creating my dark fiction books, I always include lessons in morality. Those lessons are based around the use of our own free will. The consequences of those decisions or actions are typically the horror content. Obviously, many such decisions are made under significant duress, but we know right from wrong.

Dark Fiction and Horror books

Goodreads claims to have over 6 million books in its library. Try to imagine that for a moment. there are many different genres that is true. Horror and dark fiction though are popular and it is a very competitive market with hundred if not thousands of established authors.

Stephen King apparently once said; that an authors first million words are effectively rubbish. (not his exact words). Wow, that is some twenty novels. Until such time that you hit said target, you are considered to still be learning the ‘craft’ as it is known.

So what makes a good horror or dark fiction book, or novel? If you want to be creeped out then there needs to be typically good descriptions of the environment and the monster. a sense of menace is different and being pursued is different again.

My own style is that of fast paced action. I utilize dialogue wherever possible and say just enough. (or I hope I do) to stimulate the readers imagination. I don’t like to lose the flow, with excessive descriptions of things that bring nothing to the story.

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Dark fiction

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